Brand Brief

Classify Accounts came to me as a newly opened business that wanted to get their branding and website set up correctly from the beginning. They knew they would be working with a variety of small to medium size businesses, and wanted to appeal to other business owners, while having a personalized touch.


My branding process always begins with strategy. It lays the foundation for aligning the client’s goals with the visual design process to produce the best outcomes. By getting on the same page, it allows us to explore branding options that are 1) market appropriate, 2) have longevity, and 3) function for a variety of uses now and into the future.
We created user profiles for Classify that range from small to medium size operations, and determined what types of pain points those customers might have that Classify Accounts can answer.

The brand attributes and messaging were centered around creating trust, approachability, accuracy, personality, and friendliness.
1) Market appropriate
Classify is in the online service business, with most clients being remote and communicating via email and other digital means. Being in the financial business sector, they wanted to retain a professional appearance to build trust with potential clients. Their main focus is providing support in the bookkeeping and reconciliation for businesses, thus relieving the frustration surrounding record tracking.
2) Longevity
By choosing a classic feeling script wordmark, the primary logo is able to be placed both digitally as well as printed for any forms, reports, or stationery they may need. A wordmark is easily identified, and leaves little to guessing or playfulness that you may find with symbolic logo iterations.
3) Usage


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